About Us

Following well over 40 years of extensive experience within the property industry, in 1993 the late Richard Cohen OAM together with his wife Patricia Cohen founded this South Australian, family owned business “The Cohen Group of Companies".

The Cohen Group is governed by the board of Directors, a Non-Executive Director and four members who are immediate family. The independent Chairperson is Bruce Carter.

Across South Australia, the Cohen Group continues a strategic growth program to enable the delivery of high quality premises to the property market. This focus has enabled selected Commercial, Industrial and Retail sites to undergo major development, strategic re-alignment and re-modelling to achieve the highest and best use.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional properties to our tenants.

Our Purpose

To present properties that we are proud of, which contribute positively to our community and which grow value and returns for our shareholders.

Our Vision

To own and manage a diversified portfolio of quality Australian retail, commercial and industrial property, employing progressive high performance management practices and to make Burnside Village the premium South Australia destination for shopping, fashion, lifestyle, dining and entertainment.

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